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Spring Track & Field Tryouts start Sat, March 1, 8:30-10am
Bring paperwork: Sports Physical form, concussion form, parent permission form.
There will be a meeting at school during wildcat hour, listen for announcement.

Team Communication

If you would like updates and info emailed to you, become a member of the Track and Field Shutterfly Sharesite: https://arundeltrackandfield.shutterfly.com
password: wildcats

Winter Regional Championships

Hello wildcat family.  It's been a while, but the good news is we are going to the states on a bus not in a VW .  I know that the armory is a tough floor but everybody has to perform on it.  So we did our best and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks to all the kids who did their best on the track.


Now for the shout outs, as always girls 1st......

4x800m relay
girls e.otoole 3.20 j.lim 3.03 l.garcia 3.09 b.frost 2.49 12.12.5  10th
boys j.eng  2.16 e.roberts 2.16 m.ryan 2.13 a.johnson 2.18 9.08.4 8th
300m dash

girls m.flythe dnf  m.wright 48.4 18th k.lopez 48.8

boys c.mcfadden 39.5 4th j.stuart 39.9 7th q.collins 41.1 11th

1600m runs
girls n/e
boys m.mckisson 5.19.9
500m run
girls  k.keer dnf m.kouroupis 1.30.9 11th
boys j.stuart 1.13.3 5th moved up to 4th a.johnson 1.15.5 13th z.felch 1.16.2  15th
55m hh
girls i.martin 9.58 6th
boys d.j.bookins 8.46 2nd t.archer 9.57 8th 
55m dash
girls e.bratton 7.56 1st regional champ a,proctor 8.05  8th 
boys j.bamgbade 6.90 3rd d.j.brookins 8th
3200m run
girls n/e
boys a.laye 11.04.0 17th a.molina 11.48.5 19th

4x200m relay 
girls v.lewis 28.1 m.flythe 27.1 a.proctor 27.1 e.bratton 27.3 1.50.4 1st regional champs  boys s.madhi 24.1 q.collins 24.3 t.harbison 24.5 t.archer 23.8  1.37.0 1st regional champs

girls k.keer 2.43.7 16th 
boys e.roberts 2.15.5 14th m.ryan 2.18.4
4x400m relay
girls b.frost 1.08.0 m.kouroupis 1.09.0 k.keer 1.09.0 e.bratton 1.09.0 4.40.2
boys s.madhi 55.0 c.mcfadden 54.3 t.harbinson 56.0 j.stuart 55.0 2nd 3.41.8
shot put
girls j.lake 21ft 18th
boys m.flythe 3rd 41 ft 5 l.rogers 35ft 2 8th n.say 30ft.7 16th
high jump
girls v.lewis n/h m.meehan n/h
boys m.jackson 5ft6 5th moved up to 4th  k.conant n/h f.powell n/h
pole vault
girls j.lake n/h
boys j.mcclung  9ft 6 8th j.vincent n/h a.cabacar n/h 

The girls finished 6th with 34pts,  boys were 2nd with 58pts.  This is a great quest to see if we have a chance to win states. Anybody who finished in the top 4 will go to the states. More to come stay tuned. Arundel track is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anne Arundel Winter County Championships
Hello Wildcat Family, welcome to the home of 2013-2014 boys county champions of track and field!! This meet came down to the last 4 events of the meet. Yes, we have worked hard and got on a roll. It all paid off in the end. As usual it came down to the 4x400m relay and nobody does it better than Arundel high school. That has been going on for years. Everyone contributes to this, girls and boys in each event that they were in. Thanks for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for the shout outs as always girls first

3200m relay
girls e.otoole 2.59 j.lim 3.02 l.garcia 3.09 b.frost 3.02, 12.18.0 8th
boys j.eng 2.15 e.roberts 2.08 r.mark 2.11 a.johnson 2.11, 8.50.8 5th
That was a great start

300m run
girls m.flythe 42.67 1st county champ k.taylor 46.4 12th m.wright 49.1 19th
boys c.mcfadden 37.3 3rd j.stuart 37.7 5th q.collins 37.9 6th

1600m run
girls no entry
boys j.esteban 5.22.2 19th m.mckission 5.28 21st k.melvin 5.31 24th

500m run
girls k.keer 1.26.3 6th m.kouroupis 1.27.3 9th e.otoole 1.45.6 23rd
boys j.stuart 1.10.3 5th a.johnson 1.15.4 12th z.felch 1.17.1 15th

55m hh
girls i.martin 9.50 5th m.wright 10.3 n/m
boys d.j.brookins 7.75 1st county champ t.archer 8.79 6th

55m dash
girls e.bratton 7.57 2nd v.lewis 7.76 5th a.proctor 7.81 6th
boys j.bamgbade 6.77 1st county champ d.j.brookins 6.83 2nd t.archer 6.9 4th

3200m run
girls no entry
boys a.laye 10.43.9 11th a.molina 11.56.6 16th a.cabacar 12.20.3 17th

4x200m relay
girls v.lewis 26.2 m.flythe 27.0 a.proctor 26.5 e.bratton 26.3 1.46.6 county champs and county record
boys s.madhi 23.0 q.collins 23,0 t.harbinson 23.8 t.archer 23.5 1.33.8 county champs

800m run
girls k.keer 2.36.0 9th m.kouroupis 2.46.1 12th l.garcia 2.53.1 16th
boys e.roberts 2.09.7 9th m.ryan 2.15.0 16th

4x400m relay
girls v.lewis 1.10.0 m.flythe 1.10.0 k.keer 1.10.0 e.bratton 1.07.0 4.38.2 6th
boys s.madhi 53.8 c.mcfadden 53.2 q.collins 56.6 j.stuart 53.0, 3.38.0 2nd, which won the meet

high jump
girls v.lewis n/h m.meehan n/h
boys m.jackson 5ft8 2nd f.powell n/h k.conant n/h

long jump
girls m.for 14ft9 5th i.martin 12ft11 k.wilbur 12ft0 17th
boys s.mahdi 18ft11 2nd l.rogers 18ft8 3rd j.bamgbade 16ft 8 18th
turning point of the meet

shot put
girls m.meehan 21ft2 18th j.lake 20ft8 20th
boys m.flythe 40ft8 3rd l.rogers 36ft2 6th n.say 31ft5 11th
This event made it a done deal !!!!!!!

triple jump
girls m.kouroupis 29ft3 5th m.for 28ft9 6th k.wilbur 27ft3 9th
boys d.gray 36ft8 9th j.mcclung 34ft3 13th k.stolbuskin n/d

pole vault
girls j.lake n/h
boys j.vincent 10ft0 6th j.mcclung 9ft 9th a.cabacar n/h

Final standings Arundel girls 57pts 4th boys 109 pts and new county champions!
What a season we are in right now. Let’s don't give up. Let’s not settle for this. Remain hungry wildcats, keep the streak going, it aint over yet.
As always Arundel track is back believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s get ready for the Regionals.

Directions to Meets - see below


Directions to PGSLC Indoor Meets (PG County Sports & Learning Center):

The PGSLC is located adjacent to FedEx Field.  The address is 8002 Sheriff Rd., Landover, MD.


From Odenton:

Take Rt. 32 W to exit 10B/BW Pkwy South, merge onto 295 S.

Go 10 miles, take 95/495 South.

Go 5 miles, take exit 17B/MD 202 W towards Bladensburg.

Go ½ miles & turn left onto Brightseat Rd.

Take 1st onto Sheriff Rd. PGSLC is ½ mile on the left.


No on-site parking is available (unless you arrive very early).  Process to Satellite Parking at FedEx Field, green lots D/B.


Directions to Baltimore Armory:

97 North to 695 West/North towards Towson

Take 95 North

Take 395 North (toward Downtown/Inner Harbor)

Exit onto to MLK Blvd.

Turn left onto Eutaw St.

Turn right onto W. 29th Division St.

The Armory will be on your right.

If you have a military ID you may park in the lot on the premises.  If not, there is street parking and a parking a garage nearby.

**Bring a chair with you.**

Spikes are not allowed for runners.




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